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Leadership Conference In-Person Announcement

Based on the recent sustained decrease in current active COVID-19 cases, the state-wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and Governor Lee recently allowing certain executive orders to expire which restricted previous gatherings, the TASA board has voted in favor 12-0-1 (one abstention) to move forward with an in-person leadership conference in Gatlinburg on March 10-12, 2021.

We are currently exploring options to offer a virtual experience as well for those that are under travel restrictions or those that are uncomfortable with any in-person gatherings.  We also want to remind everyone that this decision is subject to change if any further local government restrictions on gatherings are implemented.  

It is the mission of TASA to provide both a safe and educational conference.  We encourage all participants to social distance when feasible and to wear a mask.  Your TASA board has made several adjustments to this year’s conference to help promote a safe environment for all participants such as: 

  • banquet tables have been reduced in seating capacity 
  • meeting and vendor rooms will be set-up in a manner to facilitate a safe environment
  • DJ, dancing and hospitality function has been cancelled.

TASA is dedicated to its member agencies and all ambulance services within Tennessee.  We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for all that choose to attend.


Respectfully yours,

Board of Directors

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association